Professional Power and Dependability


Carlyle Tools offers a complete line of professional screwdrivers to cover the needs of professional technicians. This offering features a wide range of sizes in lengths ranging from 3”-28” in the following styles: SAE & Metric Nut Drivers, Phillips, Slotted, Clutch Blade, Star, Hex, Cabinet, and Precision. The screwdriver shafts are constructed of silicone vanadium chrome magnesium (SVCM) alloy steel. This unique blending has excellent hardness for added strength plus an elastic feature that prevents the screwdriver blade from breaking when overstressed. Each Carlyle Tools screwdriver has a PP/TPR comfort grip handle. Larger models have hex bolsters on the shafts for added torque application along with vapor blasted magnetic tips for fastener control. Carlyle Tools Nut Drivers offer a thru-hole shaft design while the precision line is perfect when working on equipment with small fasteners.
Carlyle Tools insulated screwdrivers offer maximum protection and are specifically engineered for applications calling for working around electrical equipment. They contain a dielectric substance separating the handle of the screwdriver from the tip for the utmost safety precaution. 100% of all Carlyle Tools Insulated Screwdrivers are tested to CAT IV specifications prior to packaging.