Professional Power and Dependability

Drive Tools

The Carlyle Tools Ratchet Program is second to none. Materials, design, features, manufacturing processes, and attention to detail are evident in ever Carlyle Tools Ratchet when you pick it up.

Power100™ Series

Our Power100™ Series proves that if more is better, then this is right up your alley. As the name indicated, P100 ratchets provide even more precision with a 100-tooth count. ALL P100 ratchets feature a round, swivel head, with push button quick release function.

Round Head

Our Round Head design not only offers the convenience of a push button quick release, it incorporates a new flip lever mechanism for easy and quick one-handed adjustment of the forward/revers operation.

Power90™ Series

Our Power90™ Series has become essential to the technicians working in confined spaces such as modern engine compartments in today’s automobiles. The Carlyle Tools Power90™ (P90) series ratchets feature a 90-tooth count. The design provide and incredibly precise turning radius. “If you can move the handle, you can move the fastener”.

Standard Teardrop

Our standard Teardrop ratchet is anything but standard. Being rated at more than 130% of the ANSI/ASME standard, this tool will be your trusted friend. It features an ultra-slim head for access in confined spaces. Additional variations of the standard teardrop include stubby, quick release, flexible, and speed variations.